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Experience the World with FFI Club Resources
New Orleans
Hiroshima Conference
Hamburg Conference

Washington Conference

Conference Report

The 33rd World Conference held in Washington, DC, this October was the largest in a decade with 489 Friendship Force members in attendance representing 30 countries.

Below you’ll find over a dozen great presentations and documents that were used in the conference sessions and workshops, as well as some wonderful photographs. We’re happy to be able to share them with you, and we hope they’ll inspire you!

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Watch the Video: Explore - Understand - Serve

Photos from the Conference Sessions
See and download photos of conference speakers by Barbara Macken of FF National Capital Area

Photos from the Conference Gala
Watch photo slideshow on YouTube
Visit photographer’s website to view and order photos (Click on “Customer Galleries.” Then click on “Friendship Force International Gala 2010.” Enter your email address to view the photos.)

33rd World Conference Program

Click here to view the 33rd World Conference Program
View the conference schedule and workshop descriptions.

A Call to Action
Keynote John Suddes
download (MS Powerpoint)
download (pdf)
As the keynote speaker at the 33rd World Conference Opening Plenary, John Suddes gave a Call to Action to build a strong future for the Friendship Force.

The Friendship Force and Citizen Diplomacy Panel
Sister Cities
download (MS powerpoint)
download (pdf)
Organizations with similar missions to the Friendship Force abound – imagine what you could achieve if your club worked together with a similar organization! Sister Cities is one option – read about them here.

Recruiting Ambassadors Far and Near
download (MS Word document)
This handout describes the ways that FFI in Atlanta can help you recruit ambassadors for your exchange.

download (pdf)
Professional Photography instructor David Luria provided lots of good advice for taking better pictures. Read his 10 steps for capturing your exchange with photos!

HOTLINE to the Friendship Force
download (pdf)
The FFI website is informative and fun! This PDF handout has everything you need to know about using the website. Pass it on to any friends that have been afraid to try it out!

Exchanges with a Special Theme
Themed exchange concept
download (pdf)
There’s been a lot of talk about “themed exchanges.” Find out what a themed exchange is, and where the idea comes from.

Themed Exchange Examples
download (MS Powerpoint)
download (pdf)
Read about some successful themed exchanges that have taken place over the last few years. At the end, you’ll find a list of ideas from young FF leaders compiled by
Board member Dave Kalan.

Getting the World’s Attention
UK Voyagers
download (pdf)
UK Voyagers is a new program in the UK aimed at people who do not live near an existing club. UK Voyagers introduces these people to the Friendship Force and leads to new club development. Here are a few pages of the manual Bob Cross created to explain FF to potential new members recruited through UK Voyagers.

World Friendship Day
download (MS Powerpoint)
download (pdf)
FF Sacramento put on a grand celebration for World Friendship Day. Club member Glendena Honeick says you can do it too! Look through their pictures for inspiration and ideas you can borrow.

Using Multimedia
download (pdf)
Social media like Facebook and YouTube is here to stay. But what does it have to do with your club? Read here to find out how social media can be a fun and effective way to promote your club’s activities.

Recruiting Next Generation Hosts
download (MS Powerpoint)
download (pdf)
Workshop participants brainstormed headlines for attracting people to host. Read what they came up with.

Discover USA
download (MS Powerpoint)
download (pdf)
Clubs across the US are rethinking their hosting programs. You are invited to Discover USA, or get inspired to create your own unique hosting program.

Education Exchanges: Focus on Indonesia
download (MS Powerpoint)
download (pdf)
Learn about Indonesia and the successful models that have been developed there for student and teacher exchanges.

You’ve Got the Right Idea!
download (pdf)
In this workshop moderated by board members Andrew Stirling and Cecile Bouchet, Friendship Force members discussed their clubs’ most successful practices. Read their ideas here.

Regional Cooperation and Mentoring
download (pdf)
Mentoring a younger club can make a big difference! Read Western Canada Field Rep Barbara Main’s tips on starting and mentoring a new club.

Vivian (Viv) Caulfield

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