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A Letter to Our Friends in the U.K.

Manchester FFI Heart

Dear Friends in the U.K.,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all the victims of the attack in Manchester, U.K. – their families, loved ones, first responders and public safety professionals.

As we talk with members of our Board of Directors, staffers here in the home office, and members of the Friendship Force worldwide network, I am encouraged that this tragic event has only strengthened our resolve to come together for our 40th Anniversary World Conference in Manchester and send a message of defiance to forces opposed to what Friendship Force stands for. People of goodwill and diverse backgrounds will not be deterred from gathering in harmony to celebrate friendship.

The actions of the greater Manchester community over the past week have been inspiring. We see on the news how local people of all backgrounds are rallying around those in need of support, how they stand, unafraid and united as a community, and refuse to use this tragedy to further political or racist agendas, and how the Mancunian spirit of hospitality has been made stronger than ever.

Their example is a call to action for the rest of us. We must motivate the broader global community to join hearts, heads and hands in a renewed movement to reject hate, mistrust and division, and embark on a solemn campaign to forge together a world of peace.

We know, sadly, there will be more events like this around the world, just as there have been before. But organizations like Friendship Force International that are focused on promoting a more peaceful world will be renewed in their determination to ensure that the good in humanity will inevitably prevail.

In friendship,

Jeremi Snook

FFI CEO and President

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