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Calling All Photographers – January 2018 Update!

Are you a Friendship Force member with an interest in photography? We are looking for members worldwide with an interest in taking and sharing photos and improving their photography skills to form Club Clusters. No professional training required!

Update – January 2018:

Tahitian Man, Moorea, 2010, by Roz Worrall

FFI Photography Club Clusters (FFIPhotoCC) launched in January of 2018. One of the capacity-building features of FFIPhotoCC is a Monthly FOCUS of a universal theme. The Monthly FOCUS provides Friendship Force photographers an opportunity within a defined period of time (one month) to practice and share their photography within their Club Clusters and with other Club Clusters around the world. FFI Photography Club Clusters Announce February’s “Focus” theme – faces:

“Faces, not places” is a familiar phrase to members of Friendship Force. Journeys of cultural immersion bring us face-to-face and toe-to-toe with strangers who become friends. Our experiences are etched in interesting faces. Faces are not always smiling, “saying cheese,” squinting into the sunshine, or looking at a camera. The best shots of faces may not be looking at the camera at all. Faces are pensive, sad, welcoming, surprised, awed, innocent, worn, animated, or even peacefully asleep. Faces in different countries and in our own homes each have a story to tell.

Interested in forming a Club Cluster?

FFI Photography Club Clusters are an innovative volunteer initiative to build a fun and capable group of photographers who will capture the unique experiences of Friendship Force Journeys of cultural immersion.

Egg Man of Kashgar, 2014, by Roz Worrall

As a Friendship Force Club member, whether you are a novice or experienced photographer, shoot with a smartphone or DSLR, ambassador or host, you are welcome to start and join a FFI Photography Cluster in your Club.

Clusters are not just about the camera, they are about you – the photographer – your willingness to help other members in your club, and the unique subject matter of Friendship Force Journeys. As ambassadors and hosts, we live the mission of Friendship Force as individuals and small groups. But to have impact on a broader base of building peace through friendship, we need to visually show the rest of the world that the force of friendship and understanding is far more powerful and lasting than barriers and walls.

FFIPhotoCC intends to build a portfolio of amazing photographs to share with the world. Members of clubs in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa are already signing up to become clusters – five clubs as of January 1, 2018 have started organizing their clusters. Join us today!

Whether you are a novice or advanced photographer with a camera phone, point and shoot, or DSLR camera, start a Photography Club Cluster within your club! It takes only 3 amateur photographers to start a Club Cluster.

Do you want to join or start a club cluster? Sign up here:

Need more members in your club to form a cluster? Share this flyer with them! And ask your club president and/or Field Representatives to support your interest in this initiative. Once there are three members to start a cluster, there is a dedicated FFIPhotoCC group website with resources, ideas, photo albums, and discussion board to help guide and support the cluster leaders in organizing their own photographic capacity within their club.

View our Frequently Asked Questions document here for additional information about the Photography Club Clusters!

Are you an experienced and/or a professional photographer interested in volunteering your time, expertise, and administrative help to this initiative? Contact Roz Worrall,