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Calling All Photographers!

Are you a Friendship Force member with an interest in photography? We are looking for members worldwide with an interest in taking and sharing photos and improving their photography skills to form Club Clusters. No professional training required!

Whether you are a novice or advanced photographer with a camera phone, point and shoot, or DSLR, start a Photography Club Cluster within your club! It takes only 3 amateur photographers to start a Club Cluster.

With organizational structure, curriculum support, and recognition from FFI and your Field Representatives, you will…

  • Go on Challenge Assignments
  • Grow Your Skills
  • Produce Fabulous Photos
  • Have Fun and Nurture Friendships!

Have 3 people interested? Sign up here:

Need more members in your club to form a cluster? Share this flyer with them!

View our Frequently Asked Questions document here for additional information about the Photography Club Clusters!