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ID Changes for U.S. Citizens Traveling Domestically

Friendship Force International wants to inform our members – especially our U.S. members and friends – of some upcoming changes to identification requirements for boarding airplanes, trains, and cruise lines in the United States.

Certain states have not yet met the new ID requirements, and as of January 2018, passengers in those states will have difficulty traveling without an accepted ID, such as a passport.

Some states whose IDs do not fit these new standards have been applying for and obtaining waivers or extensions. Many states have received extensions beyond January, but typically not more than six months. This trend of providing exceptions will most likely not continue much longer, since it has already lasted more than two years.

Please consult this helpful document published by the Transportation Security Administration for additional details, including links to the status of each state:

All U.S. travelers should be prepared for their IDs to be challenged, even in states with waivers, extensions, or grace periods. Older drivers’ licenses in particular will be challenged in some states, so it is suggested that all U.S. travelers make sure they have U.S. government-issued IDs/passports, even when traveling domestically, to ensure they do not encounter any issues during this time period.