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Staff Changes at FFI Headquarters

I remember reading once that “change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!” As individuals living in a constantly changing world, we know all too well how true that statement is. Certainly for Friendship Force the difficulty of change is experienced most when staff move on or we add new people to our small international team.

Laura Romero and Matthew Nidek

These past few weeks, FFI has faced staff changes that leave us happy for those moving on and excited about new growth within the organization. In early October, Matthew Nidek, formerly Director of Finance and Operations, took on an exciting new leadership role with a local nonprofit organization in New York City. He had been preparing for just this kind of opportunity, and FFI is indebted to him for his 7 years of service to our mission.

Friendship Force also bid farewell to Elena McCarty as she made a full transition to much-deserved retirement. FFI was lucky to be able to keep Elena part-time this past year as she started the process of retiring, and this month she made it official after 10 years with FFI.

Elena McCarty

Both Matthew and Elena were integral to our staff and making sure FFI headquarters ran smoothly. But like any rising stars, it is unrealistic to assume we could keep such amazing talent forever, even if it is hard to see them go. We congratulate Matthew on his promotion and Elena on her retirement!

With these kinds of changes also come opportunities, and I couldn’t be more pleased to announce the promotions of some fantastic staff at HQ who bring new energy, excitement, and creativity to our leadership team.

Long-time staff members, Allison Lindsey and Debbie Powell have taken on the roles of Directors of Program Operations. Allison, based in Atlanta, USA, is taking the lead with our staff in the western hemisphere while Debbie, based in England, is heading up the eastern hemisphere staff. With our new global team, each Director is overseeing half of the program staff and supporting each other in development projects.

Maryam Jordan is also being recognized for her years of service to FFI and wealth of experience as Senior Regional Support Manager. Tracy Harrell, formerly Controller for FFI, is now our new Director of Finance and she brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to our evolving global financial infrastructure. We’ve also brought on a new Financial Assistant, Dana Jackson, to help with transaction processing.

These new directors and team members, along with our seasoned global staff, continue to push FFI toward a stronger future and we are incredibly grateful for each of them.

General inquiries to FFI can always be made directly by emailing [email protected], or feel free to reach out to any of our leadership team with questions, we are here to help!

In friendship,

Jeremi Snook


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