Trip Insurance

The Friendship Force Travel Protection Plan is a travel insurance policy for FFI members living in the United States. It is underwritten by Nationwide® and is a non-published, custom policy created just for Friendship Force members.

The plan cost is simply determined by the total cost of your trip – it is not dependent on age or destination. You may purchase it for travel on Friendship Force programs and for your own personal travel. When calculating the Trip Cost, please include all pre-paid, non-refundable items per person. This includes FFI fees, host fees, international and domestic flights, ground transportation, lodging, etc.

Please note: the pre-existing medical condition exclusion will be waived as long as the protection plan is purchased within 15 days of initial trip deposit. For more information and prices, visit Friendship Force Travel Protection Plan. Once we receive your payment, your policy documents will be emailed directly to you.

Note on Form Completion: Each individual traveling must submit a separate form. Only one person per form, please!